Well my zionist friends.

No positive note this time, sorry. Obama seems to be winning: the betting markets have it as a virtual lock. And while he may have a shot at the popular vote, the maths for the electoral college seem damning.

This is the falling domino rod. Reelection of Obama guarantees nukes for Iran, which guarantees the end of Israel or worse (nuclear holocaust). This is all very horrible, but also very inevitable. Too bad my zionist friends, as we will have to live in a time where we have to witness another tragedy for the jewish people.

“Reagan is a warmonger, this extremist will lead us to unnecesary wars”

“Chamberlain is great, his dovish stand saved peace in our time”

Guess what: bullies do not back down in the face of weakness. Hitler could have been stopped early in his tracks easily. But war-weary brits and french remained passive when it mattered most.

Obama’s case is a bit worse. He is not just passive, he is malignant. He hates Israel. He is surrounded by people who hate Israel, and his policies have driven Israel to be in the worst place that it has been in, since its creation. We are facing existential threats again. The only thing that Obama has to offer is election-inspired plattitudes. Only a five year old would fall for this gig.

So Obama is not just passive. It is blatantly clear to everyone that he gives the green light to Iran’s nukes. He already took the mullahs biggest fear, military action, clearly off the table. If you were to believe Obama, it is not Iran that should fear an american military action, but the US, since Iran’s response would be so overwhelming.

Yeah, right. The iranians will pick a fight that they know with 100% certainty they will loose. Again, not even a five year old would believe this. And in the same breath where Obama prevents military action against the mullahs, he want us to believe that ‘biting’ sanctions (the biggest bite has been taken out by this administration, but whatever) will definitely stop them.

Again, completely unbelievable. Why would they stop with their race for nukes, if the only price they have to pay are lowered living standards for the iranian people? The iranian regime couldn’t care less about the average iranian.

So what Obama has accomplished is that he is buying more time for Iran to get its nukes. Iran already got closer than ever in Obama’s first term, it will finish the job in his second. And then the shared dream of the mullahs, the leftist anti-zionists, and many of Obama’s friends will come true. Israel will finally be wiped off the map.

What happens if Romney is elected? War? Of course not. Indeed, the mullahs are not morons. They only precede with their nuclear race now because Obama is in the WH and supports them. Without their anti-zionist buddy calling the shots, they know the gig is up. They will abandon their program quicker than you can say blue berry pie.

So elect Romney, and get the same results as you had with electing Reagan. The friends of the US will be stronger, the adversaries weaker, without firing a shot. Bullies do not back down when they see weakness. However, when they see strength that makes clear that it will stop them dead in their tracks, bullies fold like little babies. Iran will be no exception.

The good news is that Romney is not KO. The bad news that Obama is still the favorite to win.

I just watched the foreign policy debate. If you had any doubt about where the candidates stand, this made it even clearer.

Obama did not even respond to repeated clear allegations by Romney that he is not a reliable ally of Israel. It became very clear that Obama does not love Israel, but Romney does.

Even more, Obama just threw out some well rehearsed plattitudes, but his core message was weak on both Israel and Iran. Four more years of Obama means Israel has no reliable partner, but much much worse, Iran will be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.

The contrast was very clear. Romney was very strong on Iran and Israel. He loves Israel and Romney will clearly stop Iran from getting nukes. He repeatedly called Iran the biggest current threat facing the US.

Don’t be fooled, the rest is noise, the world will judge Iran’s nukes to be the one issue that mattered most in hindsight (who remembers what politics was about in 1935? we only know that stronger leaders would have prevented a catastrophe by stopping Hitler when he was still weak). Iran must be stopped, Israel must be reinforced. Obama won’t do it, Romney will.

Really? Am I really writing this.

Hell, yeah. The sanctions against Iran do nothing to stop them on their race to nucleair weapons. So the middle class in Iran gets pummeled. What do they care? They brutally suppress their own people anyway?

The sanctions do nothing but create the impression that something is happening, and “we are doing something”, when in reality we are just letting Iran gets its nukes unimpeded. These kind of soothers are worse than nothing, because they give a false sense of security.

Stop the sherade of the sanctions. Stop the sherade of diplomacy. Go in there and stop the nucleair program. The US can do this with minimal casualties. Iran won’t strike back, because doing so would be completely ineffective and probably yield more american military actions. Now it is easy to stop Iran, once they have their nukes it will be impossible.

Obama won’t do it, Romney will. Stop the worst possible danger in the current world, nucleair armed mullahs, in the only possible way. Send Obama packing.

Biden was okay in the VP debate. He was smirky and arrogant, but what ever.

However, the real interesting point came forward when discussing Iran. The point seems to have been missed on many, but what Biden said was significant. There is ample time, he claimed, because Iran may nearly have enough highly enriched uranium for a couple of bombs, but they don’t have the capability to turn this into a weapon yet.

Well what does turning into a weapon mean? A nucleair bomb is nothing more than enough highly enriched uranium in one place, such that the critical mass is exceeded. If you have enough uranium, all you literally have to do is put it together. A suicide terrorist could even do this with his bare hands (while standing in the center of Tel Aviv). You don’t need fancy rockets for this.

So Iran could deliver the bomb through suicide terrorists if they have enough enriched uranium. They could also pass the uranium on to Hezbollah and have them deliver it to Israel. Apparently, those risks are now all okay for the Obama administration. That is part of the time they think Iran should be given.

How much clearer could it be? Obama wants to allow Iran at least enough time to get massive amounts of highly enriched uranium, as long as they don’t build appropriate rockets. So they will gladly allow Iran to get to a point where Israel is in existential peril.

Don’t be fooled folks, Obama needs to go. If he is re-elected Israel will be doomed.

An often heard mantra from the Obama administration is that we need not worry about a nucleair Iran, because Iran is a rational actor.

Yeah, well, sure they are, but so are most of the islamic warriors. The 9/11 hijackers were highly rational, how else can you execute such a complicated operation? However, their goals were not ours. Their only goal was to spread islam, and hurt the enemies of the islam.

Coincidentally, this is exactly the goal of the mad mullahs as well. The mad mullahs don’t have the same moral values that we have. They don’t care about human rights, economic advances, or even the might of Iran, or the improvement of the fate of iranian people. They have continuously shown that they have only one goal: spread the islamic faith and destroy its enemies.

So yes, of course they are rational. They are even highly intelligent and highly capable of many things. But their goals are completely different from ours. Their number one goal is to destroy Israel, the supreme enemy of islam (in their view). So, for us it is completely immoral to nuke Israel, for them it’s a moral imperative, even if this would lead to many islamic or iranian martyrs as a result.

So what Obama and his crew are effectively doing is trying to soften the opposition for Iran. They try to soothe you by claiming that a nucleair armed Iran is really not such a big deal. And who wouldn’t love to believe this? Unfortunately, believing fairy tales in this case is a very dangerous hobby.

Yes, Iran is rational. It is also completely evil. Give a lot of power to smart, evil men, and the price to be paid will be insanely high. Obama doesn’t care, he is well embedded in the “blame Israel first”-crowd. His democratic cronies don’t care either. They either hate Israel as much as Obama does, or they are to egotistical to care (I’m thinking of Biden here).

The real mystery is: what’s happening with the majority of american jews? Why don’t they care? They do. However, they have pulled the wool too far over their own eyes. They think that they show how good and morally correct they are by supporting democrats. But all that should not matter right now. Forget what is politically correct and savvy. A nucleair holocaust is looming, and the only way to stop it, is by stopping Obama.


Check out his story on the jerusalem post (see link below). This story says it all. Wow, I have to say, thank you Sheldon. Sticking your neck out like this for the jewish people. Thank you! We all should take him as an example. He acts in the best interest of the jewish nation, not in his self interest or some misguided idea about what it means to be “cool”.

His words really say it all. Israel faces the biggest threat since 1967, and now we truly need a reliable partner in the white house. Obama is not such a partner, his deeds have clearly shown this. Romney is.

Wake up american jews, save the jewish nation, send narcissist Obama packing!


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